Wedding Shoe Round Up


SHOP THE PIC // Romper // Shoe (left) // Shoe (middle) // Shoe (right) //

Hey guys! Life has been busy, but I’ve been slowly working on this blog post for you because you all voted YES on seeing my wedding shoe picks! My dress arrived last week, which means it’s time for me to choose what shoes I want to wear. I haven’t picked out my shoes quite yet, but I’ve limited it down to two pairs. Yay!

The most important thing to me when I started shopping for wedding shoes was the heel height. I’m not good at walking in heels and I didn’t want to worry about tripping or wobbling on my wedding day. I decided a 2 inch heel was best for me. I found it easiest to shop by heel height, so that’s how I’m breaking it up on this post! I rounded up SO many beautiful options at different price ranges, check out my picks below!

FLAT 0-1”

LOW 1-2”

MID 2-3”

HIGH 3-4”