A Look Inside Denver's Milk Market


Happy Friday friends! I am so excited because tomorrow I am leaving for a little vacay with my best friends! I'm going with my two closest friends who I've known since high school! They are actually twins, but we all live in different places, so it will be so much fun to be reunited. We are going to Arizona for some much needed pool + relaxing time. We are staying at the Saguaro Hotel, which is supposed to be super bright, colorful and trendy! I will definitely take a ton of pictures for you and maybe even write up a travel diary! 

I recently got this navy smocked jumpsuit and I love it! It's so comfortable, has pockets and looks great with a jean jacket. I paired mine with wedges, a round bag and a bandana. I wore this to a restaurant pop-up! If you haven't heard of Denver's newest Dairy Block neighborhood, get excited because this is going to be the place to be. The block will include trendy restaurants, shops and even a hotel in the heart of downtown. Included in this neighborhood, are 16 restaurant concepts by Denver chef Frank Bonanno called Milk Market. If you aren't a foodie like me you might not know who Frank Bonanno is, but you definitely know his restaurants! Chef of popular Denver spots such as Osteria Marco, Salt & Grinder, Bones, Mizuna, Luca, Green Russell and more! I sat down with Frank Bonanno himself for an inside look at Denver's newest restaurant scene.

Bonanno wants to try to stay away from the term "food hall" he wants the visitors to have a whole experience. With that experience, comes alcohol. One of his biggest goals was to create a space around alcohol - something Denverites will love. Each restaurant will feature a wine, beer and cocktail. His hope was to avoid basic's like Pepsi and Coke, but they will still be offered. Aside from those he will offer his own homemade sodas. Besides dining at restaurants, you'll also be able to shop. Bonanno mentioned how over the past few months he has visited the famous Chelsea and Ponce City Market's several times for inspiration. There will be cases of cured meats, roasted chickens, fresh cut steaks and more in hopes of bringing a similar market feel to Denver. 

One of the concepts, Mano Pasteria will offer homemade pastas. I got to try two of the dishes that will be served at this concept. One was a fusilli pasta that was perfectly cooked with a creamy parmesan sauce, mushrooms and fresh parmesan on top. This one was seriously heavenly. 


The second dish was just as good! A pappardelle bolognese. The pappardelle was perfect and paired well with the robust meat sauce- this time topped with grated parmesan. Yum. A classic option you can't say no to. 


The Milk Market is set to open on June 1st featuring 16 restaurants. For more information visit here