Welcome to Mollie à la mode! I'm a Denver based blogger, passionate about everything related to fashion, food and beauty. While not a Denver native (Grew up in Iowa!) I have enjoyed living in this beautiful state for 7 years and I still have so much to explore.

Fashion has always been an important part of my life- ever since I was little I would have so much fun putting outfits together. My mom would often find me playing in my closet and honestly, not much has changed since then. I just finished my degree in Fashion Merchandising & Retailing and I’m excited to see where it takes me, but for now I still find joy in creating looks and following trends. I decided to create Mollie à la mode to provide a creative outlet for me and to challenge me to have more fun with my outfits!

Along with my passion for fashion- I’m also a foodie at heart. Some of my favorite things to do are check out the ever-growing Denver food scene and spend a night at home cooking and baking up a storm. I’m probably a food snob, but that’s alright! It’s no surprise that beauty is another one of my hobbies- in fact, before I went to school for fashion I became a licensed cosmetologist. Although hair, skin and nails isn’t where my heart laid, it’s still something I’m interested in and I have plenty of tips and tricks I’d love to share!

On Mollie à la mode you’ll find my personal style that I hope will inspire. I represent an every day style that is fashion-forward, casual and on top of trends. I’m just a normal girl with glasses, looking to take on the world one blog post at a time!


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