How To Make Your Bouquets Last Longer


With peony season coming up, I want them to last as long as possible! Like a lot of people, they are my favorite flower, but so hard to find! I rounded up five ways to keep your bouquets fresher, longer. 

1) Cut the stems - Immediately cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems, cutting at an angle after taking out of package. This allows the plant better water intake. Cut an inch off every other day to keep them fresh even longer. 

2) Prune - Pruning your plants means to take off any leaves that will be in the water. Removing these leaves helps your flowers open up fully. Check your flowers daily for dead leaves and remove. 

3) Change your water daily - Fill the vase with room temperature water and flower food. Thoroughly rinse out vase and change water and flower food daily. 

4) Show case them in the right spot - You've heard flowers need sunlight to grow, but not after they're picked. Avoid direct sunlight. Bouquets will last longer in a cool room, away from drafts and appliances that generate heat. 

5) Put them in the fridge - If you really want to go above and beyond, put your bouquet of flowers in the refrigerator every night. Flowers thrive in cool environments and this method has been proven to work!



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