Decor: Navy Living Room

Another one of my passions is interior design! HGTV and me have formed a strong relationship with one another. Especially a fan of Fixer Upper (I haven't seen the last episode yet though, ahhh). I'm so sad that the show is ending, but hope to go to Magnolia in the near future! Design goals! For now, I wanted to share some inspiration with you based off of my current living room! A lot of these items I already own or hope to own one day!

I recently changed the theme of my living room. I wanted to incorporate navy and grey with pops of gold. This is a great color scheme to use if you live with a significant other. It's not too girly, but still gave me all the vibes I was looking for. My style is mid-century modern, so all of the pieces are pretty classic but also trendy. Check it out below!

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will make a commission if you click through and make a purchase.


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1. Geometric Hanging Wall Garden - I love this little wall garden. It would be perfect with succulents and if you scattered a few on a wall together. Shop it here!

2. Navy Throw Pillow - I love how this pillow is so simple, but still fun! I have similar pillows on my couch now! Shop it here!

3. White Throw Pillow - The tassel stripes on this pillow make it more unique and match the navy pillow perfectly, without being too matchy matchy. Shop it here!

4. Grey Chair - I'm in love with this mid-century chair! The tufted back is so pretty and the legs make it more unique! I don't own this chair, but I'm definitely considering getting a set of two for my living room! Shop it here!

5. Round Mirror - Ok so, I love mirrors. I have some in every room because they bring in even more natural light when you open the windows and they are the perfect addition to your wall decor. I have mine above my fireplace. Shop it here!

6. Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant - Does anyone else suck at keeping plants alive? Because I do, but I love the look of them! Fiddle leaf plants are so pretty and this one looks really life like! Perfect addition to an empty corner you don't know what to do with. Shop it here!

7. Knitted Pouf - Do I own a pouf? No. Do I want a pouf? Yes. This is a nice little home accent that would look cute in front of your couch or in between a pair of the grey chairs... Shop it here!

8. Picture Frame - I love this color block picture frame. Personal accents like pictures of friends and family is what really makes a house a home. This one matches the decor perfectly without being boring. Shop it here!

9. Hammered Gold Tray - I have this tray in the rectangle shape because my coffee table is a weird shape! It's a perfect accent for your coffee table to hold candles, trinkets or a tiny succulent. Shop it here!

10. Throw Blanket - I'm in love with this chunky throw blanket, because the tassels are so extreme making it look so cozy. This would match perfectly with the throw pillows on a couch! Shop it here!

11. Rug - I get questions about this rug all the time! This is a piece I own and it's probably my favorite purchase of last year. It's from Target, but still great quality! I love having a darker rug vs. my old one that was white and black because dirt and crumbs do not show up as much! I personally bought the largest size (7' X 10'), but this color and pattern comes in several sizes and dimensions. Shop it here! 

I hope this gave you some design inspiration! It definitely made me want to purchase more items for my living room, not to mention redo some other rooms! If there are any other design inspirations posts you would like to see or a specific color scheme used, let me know! I love designing spaces such as these!

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