Closet Organization Tips

I know I can't be the only one who likes to purge their closet in the new year. This year I'm not only due for a purge, but also a remodel. The way I'm organizing things just isn't making sense anymore, so I've done all the research and brainstormed all the ideas to make your life a little easier.

I'm fortunate enough to have a fairly big closet in my little apartment (and I don't have to share with anyone). But since I love clothes so much, it's pretty packed. So I'm working with what I got. The first step in organizing your closet is getting rid of old clothes. When I went through my closet in the fall I kept a lot of things that I liked, but never really wore. I promised myself that if I didn't wear the item before I went through my closet again this winter then I didn't need it anymore- and I definitely followed through this time. It felt good getting rid of something I probably would never wear. Now I have a new list of clothes that have one last chance before spring (never ending cycle you guys). 

I like to separate my clothes by items I should donate and items I could sell. If Poshmark is your thing, go for it! Personally, I love consigning my clothes. It's important to research your preferred consignment shop and see what brands they take, look at the condition of your clothing i.e. if it's worn out, missing jewels/buttons, stains, pilling and more. I think about these things as I'm separating my clothes, so I can try to get back some money by consigning them! Since I used to work at a consignment shop, I'm very picky about what I do consign! Some tips for consigning: I've made way more money selling to local shops rather than commercial ones (ex. Plato's Closet), buying outright is nice because you get money right away, if a shop has a selling period you can always take your clothes back if they don't sell, always think about seasons when consigning. 

Now that my closet is purged, let the closet organization begin! First, I'll show you my before pictures and I'm not holding back- It's pretty messy! Take a look.


There's a lot going on here...

There's a lot going on here...

Messy t-shirt organization

Messy t-shirt organization

This is where I put stuff that has no home. Oh, and my old notebooks from school?

This is where I put stuff that has no home. Oh, and my old notebooks from school?

I haven't been able to close these drawers in awhile- also it's hard to get to in this corner. Also, my shoes look like this 99% of the time.

I haven't been able to close these drawers in awhile- also it's hard to get to in this corner. Also, my shoes look like this 99% of the time.



Tada! SO happy with the way my closet turned out! I feel like I have my life together now. I'll share all the details with you below!


First, I moved my dresser to the back wall because it made more sense to be able to open the drawers and look directly inside (this was totally obvious, I just never thought about it haha). Moving the dresser to the back wall also made the closet appear bigger. Now that the top of the dresser was free, I got to decorate it a little bit too, which makes the space feel more luxurious.


For this hat organization, I did a little bit of DIY. I layered some twine and tied it around the support system of my built-in shelves. Then I layered my hats on the twine with clothespins. This is super easy to do and a fun way to store your hats, rather then piling them up. If you don't have twine, you could use wire or even string lights! If you don't have these supports in your closet, tie the string to a brass bar or a big stick for a rustic feel. I got these painted clothes pins from the Target dollar section. A pack of 20 for $3!


Clearing jeans out of my drawers, gave me a lot of space. Another way to save space? Roll your clothes instead of folding them. I found that it was easier to see everything when I folded my clothes, and now I have so much room for new clothes. Ha!


I love these hanging shoe organizers! The smaller ones I generally use for sandals and flats. The big one's are perfect for boots! I have so many OTK boots that just flop over in my closet, these big organizers keep them from getting dirty. These are also great for heels, keeping them away from other shoes to avoid scuffs.


First of all, I got rid of SO many t-shirts. I've collected t-shirts through high school and college that carried so many memories that I haven't been able to part with. Truth is, most of them don't even fit me anymore and it was time to go, I did keep two special ones though. Is anyone else like this about their t-shirts?

I also moved my jeans from the dresser to these shelves, being able to look at all of my jeans straight on instead of digging around in my dresser has been life changing. 

This is Chloe's new favorite space.

This is Chloe's new favorite space.

Ok so I've tried a shoe shelf before and I never really used it. I love the way it looks, so hopefully I can keep the organization up! Perfect for all my short booties!

I keep my sneakers underneath my tall boot storage. Having a separate space for each type of shoe is actually super helpful and easier to keep clean since no area is crowded and every shoe has a designated space. 


I got rid of my bins from my college dorm and bought nicer ones to help with the vibes, ya feel? I also arranged the purses I use most often up here. The inflatable bed in the corner...sadly must remain there.


To complete the space I got a tiny rug to make my little space feel more luxurious. I wanted something a little girly that still matched my room, so I picked out this gray one with an aztec print and pops of pink, yellow and blue.


I hope this gave you some inspiration to reorganize your closet and make the most out of the space you got! Purging your closet and reorganizing your space really does feel amazing! Good luck. xoxo.