6 Ways to Healthier Hair


I get compliments on my hair often. I pride myself on it, because I try my best to take care of my hair and only go to the best hair stylists in town! I've been slacking lately, in every way, and decided I needed to take my hair care level up a notch. Did you know I'm a licensed cosmetologist!? I'm definitely picky about what products I use in my hair and how I take care of it, so I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you! I put all of my knowledge to the test, so you can have healthy hair too! 

1) Get regular haircuts/trims

I know, I know you hear this all the time, but it's true! You should be getting your hair cut every 8 weeks in my opinion, especially if you have colored/bleached hair and you use styling products on it often. If you are nervous about getting your hair chopped off by your hairstylist every time you go in, you probably need to go to someone new who you throughly trust. If you really want to grow long, luscious locks trims will make your hair look thicker. No one wants long hair with straw-like ends. 

2) Use professional products

Salon Professionals aren't just trying to sell you product because it's their job, they do it because it makes all the difference! I was at a point where I could touch someone's hair and notice whether or not they were using professional shampoo. If they weren't - the hair felt super soft and almost waxy. That's because the shampoo and conditioner you purchase at the grocery store are often times filled with fillers like water, sulfates and plastic. Ever since I started using professional products I only went back once and learned to regret it a couple months later when my hair started feeling different and started tangling more. I quickly made the switch back.

3) Come up with a hair routine

More than just using the right products, you should also have a healthy routine. You honestly shouldn't wash your hair everyday because it strips natural oils from your hair and scalp. At one point I was only washing my hair every three days and my hair was just fine. Now, I can only get away with every other day. I tend to wash my hair 4 times a week. Along with less frequent washing, I also clarify my hair once a month. Clarifying shampoo is super common at grocery stores, but it doesn't need to be done often. Clarifying shampoo helps get rid of built-up product on your hair and scalp, but using it everyday will leave you with dry, brittle ends. I also like to do a nourishing hair mask once a week to keep it hydrated - especially during the winter months.

After I shower, I always spray leave-in conditioner in my hair and let it soak in for a few minutes before brushing my hair. This doesn't only lock in moisture, but it also detangles your hair to prevent breakage when brushing. When people ask me how I get my hair to be so soft, this is what I tell them. Protecting your hair from heat is another big one. If I'm blowdrying my hair I use a blow dry spray that protects your hair from heat and speeds up your drying time. My favorite one (below) smells AMAZING.

4) Sleep with a silk pillowcase

I've been having a lot of breakage lately, so I looked up what I can do to prevent it. One thing I stumbled upon was switching to a silk pillowcase. It turns out, sleeping on silk helps lock in moisture and isn't only good for your hair, but also your skin. Not only have I noticed softer hair since switching to a silk pillowcase, but I've also noticed less knots in the morning and more volume. One day I woke up with so much volume I had to attempt to tame it down. If you want to go the extra step to healthy hair, this is it. Shop my favorite affordable option below.

5) Take vitamins

Personally, I totally think vitamins make a difference. I take vitamins everyday and feel like my hair becomes stronger when I use them consistently. I have even taken the infamous Sugar Bear Hair vitamins after a 'lob' gone wrong and my hair grew back so fast! There are three vitamins great for hair care! Vitamin A is good for your hair because this is what cells in your body use for growth- including your hair! It helps produce the natural oils on your scalp to keep your hair healthy. If you don't want to take vitamins add foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale and spinach to your diet.

Vitamin B is also good for your hair (aka Biotin - which is what I take). B vitamins help create red blood cells which are then delivered to your scalp for hair growth. I'll link what I'm currently taking, but you can also incorporate whole grains, meat, seafood and dark leafy greens into your diet. Vitamin C is also a great vitamin for your hair! Vitamin C helps produce collagen, which is part of the structure of the hair itself - leaving you with stronger, healthier hair. Foods rich in vitamin C include strawberries, peppers and citrus fruits. 

6) Treat your hair with care

There are a few things you are probably doing wrong in your daily routine. After showering do not wrap your hair in a towel knot on top of your head. I have been doing this for years and I honestly think this is where my breakage is coming from. Instead, I gently towel dry my hair starting at the scalp and then gently squeeze my hair with a towel, getting rid of excess water on the ends. Do not brush through your wet locks. This causes breakage since your hair is more delicate when wet. Try to use a wide tooth comb, or a Wet Brush along with leave in conditioner (this is what I do). 

Try to let your hair air-dry as much as possible. The more I blow dry my hair, the drier my ends get. If you are sleeping with wet hair, try to dry just your roots before bed to prevent breakage and create some volume for the morning. If you prefer wearing your hair up when you sleep, do not wear a tight bun. Try to do a loose style with a scrunchie instead of a tight elastic that can cause knots and breakage. 

There are plenty of ways to make your hair healthier and stronger. I hope these six steps helped you get the locks you've always dreamed of! These little things have definitely made a difference in my hair and I've noticed my breakage at my roots have started growing out (yay)! Love those locks of yours!

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