I'm sure you've heard about this new cult beauty brand called Maskcara. When I was approached by a Maskcara artist to test out their products, I was actually pretty excited! I've been seeing tons of before and after pictures and it seemed like this makeup made everyone glow!

To get started, I sent a makeup free picture in direct, natural light to my Maskcara artist. I fully trusted my artist to choose the right shades for me because she's a licensed cosmetologist and is great at determining skin tones. I'll give you her info at the end! She let me know what shades she chose for me and let me choose my lip/blush color. She explained how I was getting a highlight, contour, illuminator, and blush/lip color in one palette. A powder and bronzer in another palette. Plus a HAC brush, stay spray and brush cleaner. The ultimate setup for that Maskcara glow!

To learn more about the makeup I was about to receive, I did some research to learn more about the hype. Maskcara's purpose is to simplify your makeup routine by streamlining your makeup to be able to use it only when you want it! Another way Maskcara is different is how it's applied. We are 3-dimensional people, so our makeup should be 3-dimensional too. These palettes easily allow you to highlight/contour with personalized shades, to create the depth a face needs. And overall, allows for easy application to save you time! Another thing I love about this brand is they are paraben free and most importantly, cruelty free. Sounds good to me.


These are all the things I received! I love that the packaging looks like marble, it's so pretty! The palettes are magnetic, which is great because I always break the clasps. The inside of the palette is also magnetic, so you can easily switch your pots in and out as needed. Simplifying your makeup with same-size, interchangeable pots. 


The HAC palette comes with a contour, highlight, illuminator and blush/lip. They are creme foundations allowing buildable coverage, tons of control and are easy to blend. The shades chosen for me (up to down) are:

Contour - Olive

Highlight - Aura

Illuminator - Pearl

Blush/Lip - Frenchie


Application is easy with this custom palette. The whole face can be applied with this double-sided brush. The most unique part is makeup isn't applied to the whole face, but instead applied in strategic areas to create the depth your face needs and then blended all together at the end. Here's my step-by-step guide to applying Maskcara: 

Step 1 - Prep your face by cleansing/exfoliating and moisturizing. If you have the Stay Spray, lightly spray on your face beforehand to prep the skin.

Step 2 - With the small side of your HAC brush, dab the brush into your highlighter and apply down your nose, and up through your T-zone. Also apply under your eyes, your chin and right above your top lip.

Step 3 - With the big side of your brush, dab into the contour creme and apply to hollow of cheeks, around your forehead, the sides of your nose and around your jawline.

Step 4 - With the small side of the brush (or your fingers) apply illuminator to your cheekbones and under the arch of your eyebrow. 

Step 5 - Spray some brush cleaner on a paper towel and rub brush to clean before applying blush. This brush cleaner is the best! It instantly cleans the brush, but still leaves the bristles soft and dry. Once clean, dab the big side of the brush into your creme blush. Apply to cheeks. 

Step 6 - Clean the big side of the brush again. Once clean, blend it in with the big side of the brush.

Step 7 - Apply your powder to areas you get oily throughout the day. For me, it's my T-zone, around my nose and on my chin. 

Step 8 - Apply the powder bronzer with the big side of the brush over the blended contour and down the neck.

Step 9 - Use your blush color on your lips to finish the look, if desired.

Step 10 - Mist your face with Stay Spray to make sure it stays all day.

If you're a more visual person, here's an application chart that makes it easy for you.





I really like makeup and testing out different brands, but definitely don't consider myself a makeup artist. I've tried to highlight and contour before. I've bought palettes that are prepackaged and sometimes one of the shades in the palette just isn't right or I find it hard to use in general. My favorite part about Maskcara is the customizable shades for each palette. I also love that it comes with a face chart like the one above. For the first few days I needed that chart to remind myself where to put each layer. It was weird not applying makeup over the whole face at first, but as I kept building the face I started to see the dimension and once it was all blended it looked great! I felt like I glowed at the end!

The 30 second HAC brush is another favorite of mine! It's so soft to the touch and has 2 sides for easy application. Along with the brush, I also love the brush cleaner. I'm horrible at cleaning my makeup brushes (and I've never bought brush cleaner), but this stuff is magic! I can clean my brush in between every step if I wanted to and it would still be soft and most importantly, dry. 

If you've ever wanted to start highlighting/contouring everyday, I would definitely recommend Maskcara. I always wish I had the energy to build a face everyday, but usually just end up with cc cream and blush. This convenient packaging and double duty brush made it so easy... and fast! 

how to contact a MASKCARA artist

Like I said before, I fully trust my artist since she is a licensed cosmetologist that truly has a passion for beauty. You can contact her too! Her name is Lindsey, feel free to message her to get color matched, ask about other Maskcara products or start an order with her. 


Name: Lindsey

Instagram:  - @lindseymariecolor

Website: To view other products or to start ordering your own, click here.


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Mollie Kisner