Clarisonic Review

I've always wanted a Clarisonic cleansing brush, but never wanted the big price tag it came with. During the Sephora VIB sale last month, I purchased a gift set that included the Clarisonic Mia 1 and the cleansing gel. for $129 (normally $148). I asked if you guys wanted a review of my experience on Instagram and you guys voted YES! So I made sure to document my experience. First up- my before pictures (big old stress zits, and all).


before pics clarisonic.jpg


  • Not too big or heavy
  • Simple directions with pictures
  • I wish there were more tips/FAQ's included, like how to clean the brush, how often to change the brush head and more
  • Disappointed because I had to charge for 18 hours before use and wanted to use it right away!


  • Started noticing that skin was smoother and less red
  • My skin was so soft!


  • My "stress zits" were no longer raised and dry spots on my face were gone 


  • Noticed that improvements to acne halted

  • Skin was less oily

This specific Clarisonic kit comes with a charger that is actually a magnet that connects to the Clarisonic, super easy. It also comes with a full-size (4 oz) Refreshing Gel Cleanser, made by Clarisonic. There is also a small booklet filled with picture directions, I found this annoying because I wished it gave me more worded direction. For example, I had no idea the Clarisonic was a timed wash.



Because there wasn't much direction in the booklet, I made sure to figure out all the questions I had on their website, so I could learn more about using a Clarisonic. If you have any other questions, I'll do my best to answer, just let me know!

(Most of this info is from the Clarisonic website)

  • Transient acne is common when you first start using the Clarisonic, keep with it and you will start noticing results after 2 weeks
  • If you feel like the Clarisonic isn't working well enough, you may simply not be using enough water or cleanser.
  • You can use your Clarisonic in the shower- which I thought was a total game-changer!
  • You don't need to press hard, the brush should "float" across your face
  • The Mia 1 Clarisonic comes with a Radiance Brush Head, which is a gentle brush with soft bristles that helps absorb oil
  • There are interchangeable brush heads for different factors like sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin
  • Once a week you should clean your brush head, by removing it and cleaning it with warm, soapy water and letting it air dry. 
  • Change your brush head every 3 months
  • You should charge your brush once every 2-3 weeks
  • The brush is set on a timer, so it forces you to get a nice, thorough clean


after pic clarisonic.jpg


These are my results after 2 1/2 weeks of using the Clarisonic. After the first week I felt like my skin stopped improving, but am starting to see results again in week 3. The most notable difference I have noticed is my skin is less oily, redness has reduced and small bumps are disappearing. My "stress zits are completely flat, but are still pretty red. I also have yet to clean it (oops), and definitely skipped a face wash a few nights here and there. I would still definitely recommend the Clarisonic Mia, even with the price tag! The results I have noticed are good enough to me that I'm interested in continuing and seeing if I can get better results. As I continue to use the Clarisonic, I'll update you if my opinion changes!