3 Grilled Recipes + Wine Pairings


It's almost Memorial Day which means it's time for all things red white & blue, plenty of sales to shop, pools are opening and grilling season officially begins! Grilling in the summer is my absolute favorite! There's something about being outside enjoying a home-cooked grilled meal on a hot, summer day. Today I'm sharing three delicious grilled recipes, paired with wines by a sommelier (who just so happens to be my boyfriend) that go great with each dish! 


1. Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil

This recipe was met to be baked, but it tastes even yummier grilled! Besides that the only change I made to the recipe was less cilantro (personal preference). While this salmon has a lot of bold ingredients, the flavor is not overwhelming. This wine pairs great with the salmon and intensifies the honey-lime flavor!

Wine Pairing: Albarino (2016 La Caña Albariño)

Tasting Notes: A dry white wine with notes of honeysuckle, white fruit, mineral and a beautiful acidity that helps cut the fat of the fish.

Price: $18


2. Steak & Caramelized Onions with Arugula and Penne Pasta

I made this recipe exactly as stated and it was great! I loved that the steak was on top of an arugula and pasta salad. Perfect for summer! In the future I would probably use a filet rather than sirloin, because the meat was very fatty and chewy, but that's all personal preference!

Wine Pairing: Pinot Noir (2014 Louis Jadot Bourgogne)

Tasting Notes: Fruity start with a light, tannic finish that helped cut the fattiness of the meat and enhance the nutty, pepperiness of the arugula.

Price: $15


3. California Grilled Chicken

Not only was this recipe delicious, but it was also the fastest and easiest! This recipe was new for me, but I'm going to be making this again! It was just so easy and this Chianti paired wonderfully with the basil and balsamic. 

Wine Pairing: Chianti Classico (2015 Fattoria Rodáno Chianti Classico)

Tasting Notes: Berry notes that gave it a light acidity, that paired well with the spiciness of the basil.

Price: $19

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