Subscription Wine Boxes

I've never been a fan of subscription boxes- while I think they are a great idea I hate that most of the time I only use a couple products and then let the rest build up dust in my cabinets. Lately I've been seeing a lot of advertisements for subscription wine boxes. This seems like something I could get behind! For those of you that don't know, I love wine! My boyfriend is a Sommelier and together we are constantly talking about wine, learning about it and pairing it with our meals. Even though I love trying new bottles- I get in my ruts too, I know what I like and it's so easy to just grab a favorite! Signing up for a wine box seemed like a fun way to try new wine.

It turns out that there are a lot of options when it comes to subscription wine boxes, so I did the research so you can decide which one is best for you. 

1) Winc

First, you take a simple 6 question quiz about taste preferences and customize your box to have all white wine, all red wine or a combo of both. Each box comes with 4 bottles a month that are matched to your tastes from the quiz results. All bottles start at $13, but the bottles they suggested for me were all $15. Good news is they all looked delicious!

Pros: You'll receive $20 off your first order, there is free shipping as long as you get 4+ bottles, there is no membership fee, and you can cancel or skip a scheduled order at any time.

Cons: Bottles start at $13+, monthly subscription is not a set price.

2) Vinebox

Vinebox is unique because instead of a full bottle they send you "glasses" of wine- that look like test tubes. To start, you take a short quiz that focuses more on basic questions rather than specific taste preferences. With each box you can choose to get 3 10cl glasses of wine or 6. A one month subscription ranges from $29-$58 (depending on your quantity preference), 3 month subscriptions from $27-$54, and a one year subscription from $25-$50. Keep in mind that these are monthly costs. 

Pros: These wines are not mass produced aka you can't find them at your neighborhood liquor store.

Cons: You only get a 10 cl glass, so if you really like one of the options- you're out of luck.

3) Tasting Room

Tasting Room sends you 6 mini bottles of wine in your first box that you rate so they can make a taste profile for you. According to this taste profile they start sending personalized full-size bottles to your door- you can continue to rate these wines and make your taste profile more in-depth as you go. Because they have direct relationships with their producers they can send you bottles for less. They offer a customized experience where you can set your delivery schedule, the number of bottles per shipment, choose preferences such as all white/red or a combo of both and you can cancel at any time. These deliveries come every 2 months- while your first box is only $9.95, after that it is $84.89 for 12 bottles.

Pros: Sending 6 mini bottles to taste and rate provides a more accurate taste profile than a quiz. Offers the best deal per bottle.

Cons: Delivery is every 2 months.

4) Glassful

Glassful has you take a quiz based off your taste preferences and then their expert sommeliers choose bottles that will match your palate. Similar to Tasting Room, you can continue to rate your wines as you go making your taste profile more accurate. With Glassful you get 3 bottles for $54 a month, shipping included. With each bottle of wine there are quick facts, why they love the wine, sommelier notes, retail price and more! Unlike other boxes, you can order single bottles of your favorites. You can skip a month at any time and cancel at any time, as long as your order hasn't been processed for that month. 

Pros: If you love a bottle- you can order another one directly from their website. Also, shipping is included in the monthly cost. 

Cons: There isn't much customization.

5) Wine Down Box

Wine Down Box is unique because they send you wine, charcuterie and cheese pairings every month. With every box comes a California wine, fresh artisan cheese, charcuterie and hand made crackers. A 1 Month Subscription is $49, 3 Month Subscription is $48/ month, 6 Month Subscription is $47/month, and a 12 Month Subscription is $45/month. You can cancel at any time.

Pros: Very unique and perfect for a romantic date night. They do offer the option to send this box as a gift as well, which I think would be perfect for an anniversary!

Cons: The down side is there is not a quiz or additional questions about taste preferences. A bit pricey.

6. Bright Cellars 

To sign up for this box, you take a short quiz to build your taste profile. You can choose preferences such as all white, all red, a combo of both, or an occasional surprise! Once you sign up and receive your first box you can continue to build your taste profile and rate the wines as you go. Every month you get 4 bottles of wine for only $60 which I think is a great deal.

Pros: You get 4 bottles a month for only $60. You can skip a month or cancel at anytime.

Cons: You have to pay for shipping and handling every month.

All of these selections were unique and offered a great deal. There are options for everyone- whether you like to try new wines or stick to only white's, there is customization available for almost every box. Best part is, you can easily cancel any one of these subscriptions if it ends up not working out.

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