Holiday Mule


It's finally December! With the start of the holiday season, there is so much food to consume, parties to attend and cocktails to sip. Are you hosting a Christmas party this season? Christmas cookies and desserts are always a must for events like these. But what do you drink? Wine? Eggnog? Those are boring! That's why I decided I wanted to make a yummy cocktail for this holiday season. 

For this post, I left it all up to my boyfriend. He actually has a minor in Beverages. He literally took mixology classes in college (lucky him)! Now he's a bartender part-time, so I fully trusted him with this cocktail, my only requirement? Make something I would like (duh haha). His first attempt at making this holiday cocktail was spot on and I've already made it several times. He went with a holiday themed mule because Moscow Mule's are my go-to drink! Check out the super easy recipe below!


2 oz Vodka (I use Tito's)

1 oz Cranberry Juice Cocktail

1/2 of a lime, juiced

7 oz (or to fill) Sparkling Apple Cider


1) Fill mug with ice

2) Add vodka, cranberry juice cocktail, and juice of lime

3) Fill with sparkling apple cider

4) Garnish with a lime and add a paper straw (optional)


black copy.png