5 Ways to Style Your Bandana

Bandana’s are one of my favorite trends for spring and summer. This trend has been around for a couple of years, but it’s not going any where! When I got my first bandana I wasn’t so sure on how to style it, but there are so many different ways! I’m sharing 5 ways to style a bandana + sharing some favorites of mine!

  1. Around Your Neck

One of my favorite ways to style a bandana. Jazzes up a basic white tee and jeans!


Dress / Cardigan (similar) / Purse (similar) / Booties / Bandana

2. Tied around Jean Loops

Simply tie the bandana around the front two loops of your jeans and then knot it or tie it in a bow!


Top (similar) / Jeans / Shoes / Bracelet / Pouch / Hat (similar) / Bandana

3. In Your Hair

This is such a popular trend for this spring/summer! There are a ton of ways to incorporate a bandana into your hairstyle. You can tie it around your ponytail/braid. You could wear it as a headband, or you could even braid it into the braid itself!


Dress / Mustard Bandana / Pink Bandana (similar)

4. On Your Wrist/Tied around a Bracelet

Wrap a bandana around your wrist and tie it in a bow, or you can twist it and wrap it around a bracelet like I did below!


Top (similar) / Jeans / Shoes / Bracelet / Bandana

5. On Your Purse

Tie a bandana around your purse strap in a knot or a bow.


Bag / Jeans / Top (similar) / Shoes / Hat (similar) / Bandana (similar)




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Rainbow Trend

Rainbow Trend

The rainbow trend was introduced last spring on the runway and it’s really starting to make an appearance in stores. There are some great pieces (that I linked below) that will add some color to cold, winter days. I’m predicting this trend will really explode in the spring + summer. There are plenty of ways to pull off this trend without looking like a Rainbow Brite doll; There is a 70’s flair to a rainbow striped top, a sporty edge to stripes down the side of pants, and pastel/muted rainbows feel girly. I linked some super cute rainbow pieces below! What is your favorite way to show off this trend?

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One Year Blogiversary

One Year Blogiversary

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Buy This, Not That

Buy This, Not That

This series called, "Buy This, Not That" provides cheaper options with a similar look. I did my best to find look-alike pieces at an affordable price! Personally, I've been shifting my wardrobe by spending more money on classic, quality pieces while doing my best to spend less on trendier pieces. Considering I am a style blogger, I go through a lot of clothes! I've been trying to spend less on trendy looks, so I thought I would share some cute options. 

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26 Things I Want To Accomplish This Year

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