26 Things I Want To Accomplish This Year


Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I have so much to be grateful for this year! I love my birthday because it's on May 5th, meaning it's on Cinco De Mayo! Maybe this is why I'm so obsessed with Mexican food!? It's always a fun day and everyone is down to celebrate. My friends joke around by calling it Cinco de Mollie every year, but I secretly love it! 26 is kind of a scary year because I'm officially closer to 30 than I am 20. My head is spinning with all of the things I thought I would accomplish by now, but I know I still have plenty of time. This year I want to share 26 Things I Want To Accomplish This Year! Everything from intentions, goals and bucket list items! Let me know if you hope to accomplish any of these things this year too!

1) Focus on the present. 

2) Wake up earlier. Find a morning routine that works for me and stick to it!

3) Worry less. Don't let anxiety control you.

4) Get out of my comfort zone. Do something that scares you.

5) Be selfish. Do things for you. Say no sometimes.

6) Explore where you live. There are so many cute Colorado towns I have never been to because I never feel like I have time!

7) Control your phone time. It's hard not being on my phone all the time with my blog. I need to learn to put it down sometimes!

8) Only make room for friends who know your worth. 

9) Judgement detox. Stop judging others and most importantly, yourself.

10) Find a work-life balance. If I'm not working, I'm working on my blog. I don't remember the last day I had just for me. 

11) Drink more water. Nourish your body!

12) Travel to another country. Canada, I'm looking at you.

13) Don't be afraid to be authentically you. Weirdness and all. 

14) Eat healthier. Make better choices and find recipes that fill you and fuel you, without following some crazy diet plan. Send your favorite recipes my way!

15) Accept who you are and embrace all of your flaws. Tell yourself you are beautiful everyday.

16) Make yearly trips with your best friends. Explore the world together.

17) Tell your boyfriend/husband/loved ones how much you appreciate them and why.

18) Practice gratitude on a daily basis.

19) Stop comparing yourself to others. I look at other bloggers all the time and think, "If I just looked like her...". STOP.

20) Go hiking once a month this summer. Colorado was meant for hiking and I do not take advantage of it.

21) Do not put working out on the back burner. Make it part of your routine. Find a class you love. What are your favorites?

22) Take time to check in on family. Tell them you are thinking of them.

23) Don't take yourself so seriously. Laugh it off.

24) Don't let negative people control your narrative. Brush it off and live positively!

25) Nourish your skin. I'm pretty much 30 you guys... it's time to be serious about my skin! What are your favorite serums?

26) Keep blogging. I've wanted to start this blog for years and finally found the confidence to do so. Some days are awesome and some days I lose followers left and right and wonder what I did wrong. Sometimes it's hard, but I've never felt more inspired, challenged and creative than when working on this blog. For me, one of my biggest goals is to keep it up!