Gift Guide: For The Man In Your Life


For my second gift guide, I'm doing gift ideas for the man in your life, all under $40! These are great ideas for your boyfriend, your brother or even your friend! Guys can be tricky, but a lot of these gifts I have given to Eric and he has loved them!

His favorite gift has been the monogrammed whiskey glasses. I gifted them with a nice bottle of scotch and he loved it! Such a nice gift. Along with the whiskey glasses, I also gave him ice molds to complete his drinking experience. I love this mold because it comes with BOTH square and circle ice molds for only $13. 

Every year I buy new boxers for Eric- it's no secret that guys aren't always the best at taking care of themselves and it may seem like a lame gift, but he actually always loves it when I buy them for him! If you want to be more festive, buy him a pair with a Christmas print!

Another thing guys don't like to buy- robes, but they all secretly want one. I've mentioned that I've wanted a robe multiple times this year and Eric always says he wants one too. Guess what he's getting for Christmas?

I don't know about your household, but at mine we LOVE playing board games. I've seen ads for the card game, What Do You Meme and it looks so fun! Similar to Cards Against Humanity, except you match your cards to popular memes!

I hope you liked some of these ideas ALL UNDER $40, for the man in your life. Shop these gifts below!